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Construction contracts, simplified. Risk, minimised.

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Contract Review & Evaluation
Our contract review and evaluation service is designed to simplify construction contracts and give you access to expert commercial advice without any ongoing commitment.

The process is simple. Prior to signing any contract, send it to us; either at tender stage or contract award.

We will assign the project to one of our specialists, depending on the form of contract.

Following review and evaluation, we will prepare a short report highlighting the features, key risks and onerous terms and conditions that you should be aware of before entering into contract. If applicable, this can also ensure you price the project correctly.

This standard report will give you a quick, simplified overview of the contract allowing you to compare potential projects quickly and comprehensively.

Finally, the report will make recommendations for points of discussion with your client.

Ongoing Support
Sometimes, the initial guidance may not be sufficient to conclude your negotiations with the client. These discussions can sometimes be protracted and further advice may be necessary.

We therefore offer an ongoing support service to ensure you have access to commercial expertise on demand, for as long as required.

Subcontract Drafting & Preparation
In order to protect your business, it may be necessary to pass any risks imposed on you by your clients onto your supply chain. This requires careful contract drafting as any mistakes or omissions could be costly for you later in the project.
We will prepare the subcontract documentation necessary to ensure your business is protected from as many eventualities as possible. Our experts are competent with all forms of construction contract and can deliver in line with your programme requirements.